A fresh start

This is my new blog. It is a fresh start. I have thrown away almost all blog posts and articles I have written before, just kept »

The moron who wrote that crappy piece of software

Everyone knows this. You are using a piece of open source software. It works quiet good, but you have this special edge case that just does »

New hand written business cards

My new hand written business cards! (Thank's to Sifu for the idea and the tiny notepad) »

How to find a great developer

I am not a human resources guy and have not hired a lot of people. But I am a freelance developer and I love my job »

What a developer needs

You want to make your developers happy and want them to give their best to write this awesome piece of software you want to launch? Here »

Must Reads for User Experience Design

Here a list of essential readings (books and blogs) about user experience design and usability. This list was collected at the Usability BarCamp Vienna 2011. So »

DjangoCon Europe 2011

We just came back from DjangoCon, which took place in the lovely city of Amsterdam. It was my first DjangoCon, Stephan has already been at »