How to: bake Xmas cookies like a nerd

I'm a freelance software developer and also one half of the organizers team of the local Django meetup. For our last meetup this year I wanted to bring cookies. But not any kind of cookies I wanted to have home made cookies with the Django logo on them!

I did a little research on how to do this best and discovered that there are cookie stamps! (they look like this) Unfortunately there are non with the Django logo so I decided to make my own. I do not own a 3d printer and there was only one day left. So not enough time to go to Metalab and learn how to make cookie stamps with a 3D printer (or a laser cutter). So I will make one like in the old days. You know, analogue style, with a linoleum cutter and some linoleum!

The first part was really fun: Making the stamps. After half of the work was done I realized that the DJ on the stamp should be mirrored so the actual cookie will have some readable charakters on them. (Man, who does not think about that first?) So back to square one. The second attempt I did it right and the stamp become really nice:

Making a linoleum Django stamp

You can see on the right my first attempt and then the round stamp on the left the final version!

Now to the real cookie making: I made the standard cookie dough with a recipe from my brother (Check out his restaurant, the Tischlerwirt). I cut out the cookies and stamped them with my hand made stamp! It really looked cool. See for yourself:

Django Cookies

And now final act: The baking. I heated the oven as described in the recipe, put the cookies in and waited until they where golden. Looking forward to my fantastic Django cookies!

This is the result:

Cookie Fails!

Complete crap. :-) The embossed Django logo vanished, nothing of it to see on the finished cookie...
Over three hours of my time spent for a result that is just disappointing... So today at our meetup there will be no cookies from me...

The morale of the story

It's in development like with every new thing you try to learn. The first time you will suck. The result will be not good. So in software development if you try a new framework or language for the first time, please do not use this code in production. Because your code will look like my cookies above. Create your prototype in the new technology and if you think everything is fine and you are done. Throw it away and start over.

Merry Christmas...