Craft Conference 2015 Recap

A conference about software engineering and building complex systems. It's about the software craftsmenship. That's Craft Conference in Budapest.

Craft Conference 2015 - Budapest, Hungary

The organization team (mainly Ustream and Prezi, this year also Ericsson became an organizer) did a great job. The conference had a great location, good food, speakers that are real authorities in their respective field and overall a very welcoming and positive vibe.

Very positive at Craft conference was the good mix of speakers. About 25% of the speakers where female, which is (still) not very common on tech conferences. There where engineers, managment thinkers, real silver backs that shaped our craft and also people on the forefront of our field laying the fundament of the future of software development.

Remarkable is also the wide range of topics at this conference. There where talks about how to improve the overall quality of the software development processes and talks about how to build great teams and what greats teams do and (more importantly) what they dont do. Talks about the ethics in software and our purpose as technologists where also held as well as talks about the big thing in our world: successfully build and maintain microservices. Microservices was the big buzzword of the conference. (Everyone said it except Adewale Oshineye from Google: "I will not use the M-word, it scares children")

I have to admit I have never build microservices. But now I have the feeling, If I will plan and build my first microservice I am able to avoid a lot of pitfalls and antipatterns because of the many war stories I have heard from fellow engineers at Craft Conference.

One of my key take aways on how to build big and complex systems: Build small teams that are end-to-end responsible on one small part of the system. Make it so, that this team can not have negativ impact on the whole system. (The internet works this way, so your system should work like this too)

Várkert Bazar (Royal Garden Pavilion) is Budapest

Another take away is that software developers and not programmers and if you use your developers only to write code you are just using fifty percent of their potential.

If you want to watch at least one video of the talks at Craft I highly recommend the keynote by Dan Norths and Jessica Kerr:

You can see all the other videos on:

What could be better the next time? It would be cool if the talks would be before the workshops. Honestly, I have not seen any of the speakers before. So I did not know who is good and who is not so good, so I skipped all the workshops. After having seen some of the talks (most notable the keynote) I was really like: Man, I should really have visited Dan Norths workshop.

All in all, it was a great conference. In my notes alone I found references to eleven books recommended by the speakers. If you really want to learn a ton on how to better build complex systems and additionally get a huge amount of food for thougths about software craftsmanship, Craft Conference is definetly for you.

I will be there next year.