The side project dilemma

Side projects are fun. Most of the software developer I know are doing side projects. A small project is fun an you can use technologies that »

Fixed mindset - growth mindset

A fascinating read about fixed and growth mindsets and how people with the differnt mindsets tackle difficult problems. In a nutshell: if you have a fixed »

Alan Kay talks about simplicity and innovation

This is one of the best talks on vision and innovation I have seen all year. Really great. »

There are only two hard things in Computer Science

cache invalidation naming things and off-by-one errors »

Craft Conference 2015 Recap

A conference about software engineering and building complex systems. It's about the software craftsmenship. That's Craft Conference in Budapest. The organization team (mainly Ustream and Prezi »

Lessons learned from the big rewrite

I did a rewrite of a system powering outdoor sports related websites. Before the rewrite, the system was translated in 24 languages, had 6 different widgets »

How to: bake Xmas cookies like a nerd

I'm a freelance software developer and also one half of the organizers team of the local Django meetup. For our last meetup this year I wanted »

Django user permissions in your templates

With Djangos custom template tags you can check for permissions and other stuff in your templates in a really elegant way. The tasks On the frontend »